Top 4 Things to Do If a Neighbor Complains About You

One of the best things about living in an HOA-managed community is that you have a state-regulated legal entity to keep you and your family safe, and ensure that peace is upheld amongst neighbors. You also have a legally-bound, neutral entity to turn to for disputes and complaints between neighbors. What can you do if your neighbor filed a complaint against you? If you were contacted by your HOA because of a complaint filed against you by your next-door neighbor, don’t fret. And try not to get angry either. Know that a complaint doesn’t immediately mean you’re guilty of whatever... Read more »

Filing a complaint against your HOA? Here’s what you need to do first

Filing a complaint against an HOA is not something new. In fact, it’s fairly common. However, as common as it is, you should know that complaining against a homeowners association isn’t as simple as storming the HOA office to voice out your issues. There are steps you need to take first for your own protection. Simply put, you need to make sure you are proceeding within legal boundaries to prevent a lawsuit. If you are considering filing a complaint against your HOA, here are the initial steps you need to take: 1. Clearly identify your concerns and issues What issues... Read more »

How do HOAs handle disputes between neighbors? Here are the initial steps…

Homeowners associations have a set of rules that every household-member must strictly follow. Failure to do so could result in penalties or in worst-case scenarios, expulsion from the community, which means you could be evicted from your house. In general, the HOA is legally allowed to make such a decision. A homeowner could be evicted if it has been proven that they have put (or are putting) the safety of the community or a neighbor at risk. Disagreements between neighbors are one of the most common causes of a situation getting out of hand, thus endangering the safety of another.... Read more »

4 Ways HOAs Benefit Homeowners

Whether you are moving into a residential property you recently bought or have started renting, chances are you’re moving into an HOA-managed community. Nowadays, you’ll hardly find a residential property that doesn’t belong to an HOA. For those who have never lived in such a community before, the top-of-mind question usually is “Do I really need a homeowners association?” Find out below why an HOA-managed community is the best place for you and your family: 1. You have “instant” support and assistance Moving into a new neighborhood usually means you have no one to run to for support or assistance... Read more »

3 Things HOAs are Doing to Help Financially Struggling Residents

HOAs are generally strict about the collection of fees and dues. In fact, by-laws and CC&Rs include a stipulation that clearly defines penalties and consequences for late and delinquent homeowners. In a worst-case scenario, a homeowner may be evicted for being a delinquent payer. Homeowners associations may send several reminders first and may even conduct an interview with the homeowner to find out if their financial situation has changed. Eviction is always the last course of action. But this time around, being a delinquent payer may not be the homeowner’s fault given that the world was plunged into a financial... Read more »