4 Common HOA Pet Policies You Should Know if You Own Dogs

As many people consider pets family, most homeowners associations (HOAs) today welcome our furry friends into their communities. Whether you’re already part of a community and are considering getting a dog, or are looking for a dog-friendly community to call your home, know that HOAs usually have rules regarding the keeping of domestic animals.

Below, we list down some of the common dog policies an HOA may implement in their community.

1. Pet registration

Many HOAs require people to register their pets before joining the community as official homeowners. Homeowners must also submit registration prior to acquiring a pet. This allows HOAs to enforce their pet-related policies, in turn making it easier for them to keep both residents and their pets safe. For example, through registration information, an HOA will know when it’s time for a dog to get vaccinated, thereby preventing the spread of dangerous diseases such as rabies.

2. Noise complaints

Dog barking and howling can be sources of great irritation especially if they’re constant, and/or if they happen late at night or early in the morning. Some HOAs encourage homeowners to report such disturbances to the board so that its members may be able to find the solution most amenable to both pet owner and complainant. For instance, the dog may be required to undergo obedience training or be let inside the house at night.

3. Pet leashing

Certain dog breeds are extremely energetic and require regular walks to be happy and healthy. While many HOAs allow this practice, they also require pets to be leashed at all times during the walk. This is to prevent injury to homeowners and their pets, as even a non-aggressive animal may be triggered to attack. Such rules also protect your pet, as an unleashed dog may run away then get hit by a car or fail to find its way back home.

4. Waste cleanup

Dogs often use walks as an opportunity to defecate. Many HOAs require pet owners to pick up this poop and dispose of it in the nearest garbage can. This keeps the community clean, beautiful, and safe from disease spread through waste.

These are just some of the pet policies you can expect an HOA to enforce. Make sure you familiarize yourself with such rules before becoming a homeowner or acquiring a dog.

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