5 Benefits of Becoming an HOA Board Member

If you’re already part of a homeowners association (HOA), it’s a good idea to attend board meetings and participate in events on a regular basis. These are essential steps you can take to become an HOA board member—a position that’ll allow you to serve your community while enhancing your own experience as a homeowner.

Here are 5 benefits of becoming an HOA board member.

1. You’ll meet new people

Joining the board will provide many opportunities to interact with your neighbors, which is helpful if you want to meet new people. Physical proximity and working together are conducive to the development of friendships, so if you want to feel like you’re truly part of the community, start attending meetings and events.

2. You can improve existing rules or make new ones

As an HOA board member, you have the power to update policies and create new ones in response to issues that have yet to be properly addressed. For instance, if there’s no rule enforcing pet owners to clean up after their dogs, you can implement such a rule to keep your community clean and safe from hazardous waste. Simply attending meetings and voicing your opinions can also help bring about necessary changes in the neighborhood.

3. You can plan social events and activities

If you feel your community can do with a bit more fun, you can plan social gatherings and activities that’ll let fellow homeowners unwind, socialize, and enjoy themselves. Parties, sports competitions, dances, movie nights, reading clubs, and more can make living in an HOA that much more rewarding. They can even strengthen the sense of belonging, which can encourage people to take better care of their community.

4. You can preserve property values

The HOA board usually monitors the upkeep and maintenance of houses, facilities, and miscellaneous amenities in the community. As a board member, you can, for example, expect to help oversee the repair of individual homes or recreational areas such as gyms and basketball courts. Taking care of such properties can go a long way in protecting or even raising their value.

5. You gain useful skills

By collaborating with others to plan events, you’ll develop a gamut of skills that’ll prove useful to you throughout life and look great on your resume. For instance, the aforementioned planning of events can exercise your administrative and communication skills. You’ll hone your ability to think critically and develop effective problem-solving strategies.

These are but some of the benefits of joining an HOA board. If you’d like to know more about HOAs and HOA boards, please contact us through our corporate website, or give us a call at (888) 828-9444.