HOA Property Management Company Near Me: Accounting and Finance for HOAs

Nowadays, practically every neighborhood or community in the U.S. is managed by a homeowner’s association. This means that most home buyers or renters will be automatically included in the HOA once they move into an HOA-managed community. An HOA looking for a “property management company near me” often does so because they need professional assistance to ensure they fulfill their duties and responsibilities to their community. Homeowners’ associations have a full set of responsibility that must be carried out by the Board of Directors and Board Members, who are homeowners themselves with day jobs and personal responsibilities. Juggling too many... Read more »
Apartment Buildings

3 Key Property Management Duties and Responsibilities

Investment properties like condominiums and apartments or single-family rental homes practically need round-the-clock monitoring to ensure these are properly maintained. While property management duties and responsibilities run the gamut, the primary focus is to ensure that the properties under the care of the property management company are well-maintained to keep them up to standard. If you own several real estate investment properties, hiring the services of a property management company could be an option worth considering. To help you get started, here are a few key property management duties and responsibilities to know about, so you’ll know what to look... Read more »

What Do HOA Property Management Companies Do? What You Need to Know

We frequently get questions from homeowners who aren’t sure exactly why a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) would need the services of a property management company. It’s not difficult to understand why this subject would need clarification: Doesn’t an HOA board essentially perform property management duties?  HOA boards are volunteers. While they do dedicate considerable time to property management efforts, they can’t be expected to handle the daily — sometimes complex and time-consuming — management and maintenance issues most communities experience. It would be a full-time job!  Our goal is to provide a concise, straightforward overview of common HOA property management responsibilities.... Read more »
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Property Management Services

If there’s but one thing to know about property management services, it’s that these are offered to ease the burden of property owners, and even homeowners associations or HOAs. And if you’re looking for a property manager for the oversight of your real estate investments, keep in mind that property management companies worth their salt will always have the best interests of their clients at heart. Anything less than this could prove to be a waste of your time and money in the end. To learn more about the services offered by a property management company, here are a few... Read more »

Benefits of Living in an HOA-managed Community

3 Reasons to Live in an HOA-managed Community Some people hesitate to move into a new home simply because the property is part of an HOA community. This is especially true for someone who’s never had the experience of living in an HOA-managed property in the past. There are advantages to a homeowners association that some may not know about precisely because they haven’t lived in an HOA community before. If you’re still undecided about the condominium unit or single-family home you’ve been eyeing because it is governed by a homeowners association, it might help to know the benefits homeowners... Read more »