How a Property Management Company Benefits Newly Established HOAs

Homeowners associations or HOAs are there to provide support to their community. From maintaining common areas to preserving the value of properties, an HOA’s job encompasses everything that has to do with homeowners and the community. An HOA property management company can make the HOA’s job easier and more manageable. Here’s how… Board education and governance Homeowners associations are run and managed by the HOA Board, and members of this Board are homeowners themselves, which means outside of their HOA duties and responsibilities, they have responsibilities at work and at home, too. Understandably, newly established HOAs are unfamiliar with everything... Read more »

Why Clear Communications with Your HOA Property Management Company Matters

If you own several properties and you’re looking to hire property management services, one of the things you need to consider is how openly you can communicate with the HOA property management company team or manager that will be assigned to you. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for you to be able to clearly communicate with the property manager as being able to do so will save you from a ton of trouble later on. On the other hand, if you are a part of your community’s homeowner’s association, you need to ensure that you and... Read more »

3 Tips on How to Choose the Right HOA Property Management Company for Your Community

Homeowners associations are run and managed by volunteers who are also members of the same community. As such, they may not always be on top of things and situations where their HOA and community are concerned because they have other responsibilities as well. For this, most associations hire the services of an HOA property management company to assist the Board of Directors and Board Members with their HOA duties and responsibilities. If you and the Board are struggling to keep up with HOA responsibilities as well as the various demands of your community members, it might be time to consider... Read more »

What to Look for in Property Management Companies in Corona, CA

When people hear the term “property management” or “property manager,” what usually comes to mind is someone who takes care of everything that a property needs, generally on an individual client basis. What many don’t know is that property management companies in Corona, CA, or other locations across the country for that matter, also function in an HOA-focused capacity. That is, they work to assist HOAs in fulfilling their duties to their members and the community. The services that property management companies that specialize in homeowners associations and management offer differ from one company to the next, which is why... Read more »

Property Management vs HOA Management Company

Property owners hire a professional property manager to oversee the maintenance of their property in their absence. Property managers take care of everything related to the property on behalf of the owner. The challenge for first-time clients is finding the right person for the job. An HOA management company is usually their top-of-mind provider for such services. But not all HOA management companies offer property management services, and here lies the challenge. Property Management vs HOA management company: What’s the Difference? The best way to understand how HOA management and property management companies differ is to know the general purpose... Read more »