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So Cal Property Enterprises, Inc. – HOA Property Management Services in Riverside County and Beyond

We are a full-service, all-inclusive HOA Management Company that is committed to elevating the industry standard for property management in Riverside County and other areas of Southern California. This begins with hiring quality industry professionals. As with every So Cal employee, our community managers undergo background investigations, drug testing, personality profiles, skills testing, and a survey to help determine if they fit in So Cal’s culture.

All account managers’ educational costs as well as membership, application, and annual fees are paid by So Cal as we believe it is imperative that each of our Managers be up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry of property management services, as well as state-wide and national legislation and case law. So Cal utilizes industry best practices and is one of the most advanced businesses involved in property management in San Bernardino County and surrounding areas.

Our goal is simple: to provide exceptional administrative support to our client Board of Directors as they carry out their duties to enhance property values and maintain the common areas and elements. Our comprehensive administrative services assist our client Board of Directors in establishing and meeting goals and objectives. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Association, we carry out the Boards’ directives in a timely and professional manner that suits the needs of community inhabitants.

Established communities present unique challenges. Successful management of mature communities requires the skill and expert involvement of trained and experienced staff members. Our Property Management Association managers are specially trained in understanding the unique needs of both young and mature communities.

Many communities have benefited from our expertise in property management, especially in Orange County. We have also extended our reach to provide property management to LA County communities and residents, thus giving us credibility among decision-makers and home-owners. When one sees that a property is being managed by So Cal, he or she can expect a high quality of service in areas such as board education and governance, financial accounting and collection services, site reviews and reconstruction, and vendor selection for construction projects. So Cal also employs an on-site contractor to implement preventive maintenance plans and to conduct audits and structural checks on member communities, ensuring the safety and security of their occupants.

Find out how So Cal Property Enterprises can help raise the bar for property management in San Diego County, Riverside County, and other parts of Southern California. You may send us a message or give us a call for more information about what we do, and how we do it.

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