Southern California Property Management for Owner’s Rentals

The USC Casden Multifamily Forecast predicts that apartment rental fees in Southern California will experience an increase by at least $100 within the next two years, and by 2018, counties like LA will see an average rent of $1,416. If you have property in the So Cal area, now is the best time to hire a Southern California property management team. Why? Because the time is ripe for turning your idle property into an income-generating asset, earning you passive income to augment your household income, or to put away for a rainy day. With a lot more people relocating to... Read more »

Why It’s Important to do Tasks One Season Ahead

As anyone who’s worked in property management and grounds maintenance would tell you, winter is their least favorite time of the year. Among Orange County property management professionals, winter means high winds, heavy rains, and erratic cold snaps, sometimes reaching just above freezing. Because of this, the best HOA and property management companies prepare months in advance for winter. Winter preparations start as early as late summer or early fall. The first step is often the unclogging of drains, gutters, and downspouts, which tend to attract unwelcome debris and even animal inhabitants in spring and summer due to their cool... Read more »

Top Three Ways to Keep Algae away from Swimming Pools in Winter

Swimming pools are popular among condominium and gated community owners. While they see a lot of use during spring and summer, most San Bernardino property management contractors say that they are rarely visited between December and February, even with heated water and other features such as communal saunas and steam baths. Because of this, pool maintenance falls to a yearly low as well. Because many property owners and HOA management providers neglect their swimming pools during winter, algae growth starts to set in after a few weeks. It is true that algae grows slower in cold weather; however, slow growth... Read more »

Spring Cleaning on HOA-managed Properties

As soon as winter ends, Southern California property management companies start getting busy with spring cleaning. Winter, with the rain and snow it brings, leaves behind a ton of damage, especially for older, poorly-maintained communities. It also brings a ton of debris, such as fallen branches and rocks strewn about the property. One of the first things property managers do is to conduct an inspection of the premises, coordinating with housekeepers and grounds maintenance personnel in removing loose debris. In the case of Southern California, winter tends to be a wet and windy season, with snow and frost in some... Read more »