5 Tips on Maintaining Your Property

While maintaining your property may require a little effort, it costs far less than having repairs done—extensive ones at that if the problem has already escalated. As a property owner, you need to be on top of your property’s maintenance. If you don’t know where to begin, or which areas you need to focus on, below are five tips we’d like to share regarding maintaining your property.

1. Waterproof exterior walls, panels, roof, and windows

Water seepage is one of the most common issues often overlooked until it’s too late, usually when wallboards or panels are already showing signs of decay, or leaks have started to appear in your home’s interiors. While it is a common practice in construction to apply waterproof coating to these features, over time, the coating may have thinned out or peeled off. Regularly check for signs of water seepage (stains on the walls, surfaces that are damp or wet without being subjected to rain or water, and leaks), and apply a fresh coat of waterproofing material every two to three years.

2. Check for termite infestation on wooden slabs or boards on ceilings, floors and walls

Termites thrive on moisture and warm temperatures, two things that are often present beneath the surface of your home. Termite infestation generally remains undetected until obvious signs appear. Make sure to keep your home clean and dry, which means taking the maintenance steps mentioned above as well as checking for faucet and pipe leaks. You can also tap on the wooden walls and floors. If you notice a hollow sound when you tap, chances are termites are already there. Contact a professional pest control service immediately. Ensuring that your property is termite-free is one of the most critical factors in effectively maintaining your property.

3. Check roof shingles or sheets, and keep gutters clean and debris-free

Roof repairs are one of the most expensive repairs on a property, which is why you need to check your roofing system’s condition at least once a year, especially after a rain or snow storm. Clean the gutter regularly to remove debris like leaves and twigs to prevent it from clogging.

4. Keep your yard or garden clean

Whether you have a landscaped garden or a simple grass lawn in your front yard, your outdoor space needs as much attention as your indoor space, maybe more. An unkempt yard is not only unpleasant to look at; it could also become a breeding ground for pests and insects, or a regular hangout for rats. Maintaining your property means keeping it clean and tidy all the time.

5. Have your heating and cooling systems cleaned annually

A/C units and heating systems need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by a professional at least once a year. A poorly performing cooling or heating system will not only increase your utility bills, but it can also put your safety at risk.