Corona Property Management: Summer Activities for HOA Member Engagement

Each year, Corona property managementcompanies and HOAs are busy planning summer engagement activities for residents and homeowners. These activities are designed to foster a sense of community between and among neighbors.

Summer is an excellent season for such activities, thanks to Southern California’s famed sunny climate. The clear weather opens a lot of outdoor activities for both children and adults. Here are some summer activities that will surely get HOA members out of their homes and into the clubhouse.

1. Outdoor movie nights.

Nothing beats a clear, starry sky as a backdrop for an outdoor movie night. This activity is surprisingly easy to organize – all it takes is a wide, blank wall, a good movie, an LED projector, a set of speakers, blankets, and chairs. You can even have themed movie nights for seniors featuring classic films and child-friendly flicks. Don’t forget the popcorn and soda!

2. Fourth of July events.

Everyone loves parades, and the Fourth of July is the perfect reason to hold one in the neighborhood. The HOA management should plan a parade route, with some streets blocked to traffic, and have the homes draped in red, white, and blue. Children and adults alike will have fun parading down the streets in cars and bikes clad in the Union’s colors, and even baby strollers can be decorated to show their love for America. Cap off the festivities with a party where awards for the best-decorated house, car, or bike may be given out.

3. Pool parties.

No summer in Southern California is complete without a pool party. Whether the party is for kids, adults, or both, one can expect a lot of splashing water, loud, cheerful music, and happy faces all around. For property management in Corona, it is also an opportunity to showcase how well-maintained the facilities are, especially if the party is held on the first weekend of summer. If the HOA has set aside a large enough budget for this event, add some entertainment, such as a local to get the residents into the pool. Drinks and food, such as pizza, are optional but highly recommended.

4. Ice cream and BBQ parties.

As summer draws to a close, many residents might move out of the community for work or school. There is no better way to express gratitude for being such good neighbors than a good, old-fashioned ice cream and barbecue party. Set up a table with sprinkles and toppings and watch the kids get creative with their ice cream. You can also have residents bring their own dishes to the event.

Corona property management is not just all about fixing divots and leaky ceilings; they like to make things more fun for residents too! To know more about our services, give us a call at 951-270-3700.