Why It’s Important to do Tasks One Season Ahead

As anyone who’s worked in property management and grounds maintenance would tell you, winter is their least favorite time of the year. Among Orange County property management professionals, winter means high winds, heavy rains, and erratic cold snaps, sometimes reaching just above freezing. Because of this, the best HOA and property management companies prepare months in advance for winter.

Winter preparations start as early as late summer or early fall. The first step is often the unclogging of drains, gutters, and downspouts, which tend to attract unwelcome debris and even animal inhabitants in spring and summer due to their cool and dark interiors. Clogged drains often freeze over during winter, leading to bursting pipes and hefty repair and replacement expenses once spring comes. That being said, maintenance crews wrap exposed outdoor pipes in insulating materials. Roof and siding repair is also done in the fall to prevent slips and falls caused by winter rain and snow.

Ornamental plants and trees also benefit from early winter preparations. Large trees can be braced in the middle of fall to prevent sudden winter winds from lashing out at them, and potentially uprooting them as well. This activity can also help prevent frost from weighing down tree branches, posing a risk to pedestrians, property, and the trees themselves. This is especially important for areas like Orange County and San Bernardino County, which experience heavy snow and frost every few years.

Aside from trees and plants, lawns have to be prepared as well. The best times to plant grass seed in California are early fall and late spring or summer, and the timelines for lawn maintenance have to be planned around the optimal planting season to ensure the survival of the grass seedlings. The right grass seed, such as fescue or Bermuda, have to be purchased in advance as well.

Preparations like these have to be taken seriously. The best Orange County property management practitioners treat these preparations as large-scale projects, complete with well-defined timelines, yearly budgets, and dedicated vendors. Procurement and storage of important supplies and equipment, such as road salt, snow shovels, and snow blowers, should be done professionally to ensure that the homeowners get their contributions’ worth.

When it comes to Orange County HOA management, SoCal Property Enterprises is the top choice of homeowners’ associations and condominium associations. With decades of experience in dealing with all sorts of weather, you and your residents and homeowners can rest easy, knowing that your property will be kept safe during the winter. To learn more about the services we offer to homeowners’ associations and property developers, contact us at 951-270-3700 or send us a message.