HOA Property Management: The Role of Community Association Managers

Homeowners associations are governed by the laws and regulations implemented by their state, which means HOAs in the United States follow a different set of rules and laws depending on their location. And for HOA Board directors and members, these could be confusing. This is where an HOA property management company becomes an indispensable partner.

HOA property managers or community association managers are hired by homeowners associations to assist them in their functions, including day-to-day tasks, thus ensuring that the HOA’s and the community’s needs are met.

California Homeowners Associations

HOA property management companies like So Cal Property Enterprises, Inc. provide property and community management services to help the HOA fulfill its duties to the community. They cater to a specific HOA demographic; that is, they primarily assist homeowners’ associations within their areas of jurisdiction, which means they must have an in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations governing these HOAs for them to help appropriately said homeowners’ associations.

Take, for instance, So Cal Property Enterprises, Inc. Their team of professionally trained property and community association managers comprises experts in their respective fields, including Finance and Accounting, Communications, Project Management, and so on. By having individual experts work together for a community, HOAs can serve their members and community more.

California HOA Laws

As mentioned above, HOA laws differ from state to state, so your HOA property management team must always stay on top of these things to ensure you are up-to-date with changes, amendments, and new laws.

For instance, effective January 2024, California homeowners’ associations are now allowed to hold meetings virtually; that is, entirely through teleconferencing. AB 648 was signed into law on September 22, 2023, and will take effect on the first day of January 2024. It is exactly this type of change that HOA property management companies and community managers must be aware of, and they must know of these changes as soon as they come.

Other than laws specific to California homeowners’ associations, California-based HOAs also have unique needs. And it is the job of a community manager to ensure that these are met and fulfilled accordingly.

Southern California HOA Property Management

When choosing a community manager to assist your HOA, you must consider the property management company’s experience, expertise, years in the industry, and proximity. Proximity, in particular, shouldn’t be neglected as you’d want a community manager who can readily go to you should the need arise, for instance, during emergencies.

So Cal Property Enterprises, Inc. provides professional community management services to the following areas: LA County, Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.

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