HOA Management Services in Southern California: Hiring a Property Manager

Companies that specialize in HOA management services in Southern California like So Cal Property Enterprises, Inc. can offer individuals valuable insight on things related to property management as they have the expertise and experience that make them a reputable and excellent resource for such matters. And so with that said, here are a few notes they wish to share regarding hiring a property manager.

Why hire a property manager

Whether you own a second home or several other real estate properties, you will need help taking care of them, particularly if your current location is nowhere near these other properties. It doesn’t matter if you bought those properties for investment or for some other purpose, they will need to be maintained if you want to get your money’s worth, so to speak. This is the reason why property managers exist and why you should hire one.

On that note, here are a few reminders from the premier provider of HOA management services in Southern California So Cal Property Enterprises, Inc. with regard to hiring a property manager:

strong>Property management companies offer different services

You may think that property management companies offer the same services, but they actually don’t. “Property management” is an umbrella term that refers to managing real estate but the actual services may differ from one provider to the next. You need to double-check the services that you want incorporated into the management package and see if the company you’re considering is offering what you need.

From rental management to screening applicants, overseeing repairs and renovation, and ensuring the property is in strict compliance with HOA rules and regulations (for properties in HOA-managed communities), a property manager, in a nutshell, will take the burden of maintaining the value of the property off your shoulder.

HOA management services are different from property management

Property owners often mistake HOA management services and property management services as one and the same. To clarify, these are two separate types of services, catering to two different client categories, and specializing in two different fields. This is why some property owners have a difficult time finding the right property manager; they approach HOA management services instead of property management providers.

In a nutshell, property managers oversee the care and maintenance of specific properties; those entrusted to them specifically by the owner. HOA management services, on the other hand, provide professional assistance and consultation services to homeowners’ associations; particularly, to the HOA Board of Directors. Basically, the role of HOA management services is to assist the HOA in its duties and responsibilities, so the HOA, in turn, can better serve its community.

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