Benefits of Living in an HOA-managed Community

3 Reasons to Live in an HOA-managed Community

Some people hesitate to move into a new home simply because the property is part of an HOA community. This is especially true for someone who’s never had the experience of living in an HOA-managed property in the past. There are advantages to a homeowners association that some may not know about precisely because they haven’t lived in an HOA community before.

If you’re still undecided about the condominium unit or single-family home you’ve been eyeing because it is governed by a homeowners association, it might help to know the benefits
homeowners derive from an HOA. The following advantages could help with your decision-making process:

1. There is an “authorized entity” you can readily approach for concerns regarding neighbors

Disputes and arguments between neighbors may sometimes arise, and if these occur within a neighborhood governed by an HOA, you readily have someone to assist you with the dispute/disagreement. Homeowners can approach their HOA to discuss their complaint, upon which the HOA will investigate the incident/situation, mediate, and resolve the conflict as amicably as possible.

2. Access to exclusive amenities and facilities

One of the best parts about living in an HOA community is that some provide world-class amenities and facilities for the exclusive use of the homeowners (and their guests, when applicable) alone. Such facilities, such as parks and playgrounds, swimming pools, recreation centers, fitness facilities or gyms, basketball and/or tennis courts, are built for the comfort and convenience of the homeowners.

3. You have a support system

When you move into an HOA community, you automatically get a new support system. HOAs don’t only oversee the upkeep of the community to keep property values up and maintain a certain standard of excellence; they also exist to assist homeowners, be it for personal needs or matters related to their property. There are HOAs that hold fundraisers, for instance, to help a homeowner going through medical/health challenges. There are HOAs that support pet adoption and other good causes as well.

From the above, you can see that a homeowners association benefits homeowners in ways that can greatly improve one’s quality of life.

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