Should an HOA Hire a Property Manager?

Top 3 Reasons an HOA Should Hire a Property Manager

A property manager oversees the care and maintenance of a specific property, including vetting tenants and ensuring renters follow regulations stipulated in the lease contract, if they were hired to oversee rental properties. Other than rental properties, a property manager may also be hired to oversee the general upkeep of a piece of property like a vacation or second home. What then, is the role of a property manager in a homeowners association?

Reasons why an HOA should consider hiring a property manager

An HOA is responsible for the community it serves, which covers both the homeowners and common areas. The HOA may be tasked to oversee corporate-owned properties or areas as well. This might not seem such a difficult task but when you break down these tasks into small details, that’s when responsibilities become overwhelming. This is where a property manager may come into play. Below are a few reasons why HOAs should consider hiring a licensed and experienced property manager:

1. Oversee care and maintenance of corporate-owned areas

Within an HOA-managed community, there could be several corporate or developer owned areas, which they need to oversee on top of performing their duties and responsibilities. A property manager can take over the responsibility of maintaining these corporately owned areas or properties to ensure they are always in the best shape and ready for use according to the owner’s discretion.

2. Contact vendors for repairs

Property managers usually have a good relationship with several vendors and suppliers, which makes it easy for them to contact specific services for repairs or parts replacements for the common areas they manage. Sometimes, repairs are delayed because the HOA is overwhelmed with tasks that demand equal attention. A property manager can prevent such delays and make sure common areas are functioning as they should and always available for use.

3. Assist the HOA Board

Last but not the least, an HOA should consider hiring a property manager because they ease the Board’s workload. By taking care of the common areas and everything associated with their upkeep, the Board can focus on other important tasks and still have enough time to also focus on their personal lives.

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