Top 4 HOA Reminders About Decorating for the Holidays

The holiday season in 2020 may not be as fun and festive as the previous years, but this shouldn’t stop you and other homeowners in your community from celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Putting up a few holiday decorations might just get you and your neighbors in a more festive mood. Before you do any decorating, however, it is best to check with your homeowners association about regulations on holiday decorations in your community.

Common rules for holiday decorating in HOA-regulated communities

HOAs ensure the communities they serve keep a certain standard to protect property values, maintain the exclusivity of the neighborhood, and basically ensure the community remains a thriving, nurturing, and safe environment for its homeowner-members. That said, they do have a say in what homeowners can and cannot put up in front of their homes, on their roofs, and other exterior areas when it comes to holiday decorations.

1. Nothing loud and gaudy

Keep in mind that any decoration that will ruin the aesthetic appeal of the entire community is prohibited. This might mean no loud and gaudy decorations. Everything has to be tasteful. So it’s best to check with your HOA about the decorations you wish to put up before actually installing them to save you time and effort in case you will be asked to take them down.

2. Follow schedules

HOAs regulate when homeowners can finally put up their holiday decorations and when they need to take them down. Usually, homeowners can start decorating their exteriors at least one month before Christmas and remove them no later than two weeks after the holiday.

Homeowners also need to be mindful about the specific times of the day when they can turn on their Christmas lights and when they need to turn these off.

3. Be mindful of fire hazards

If you’re putting up a real tree, make sure to keep it away from the fireplace, radiator, and other fire hazards. Also make sure that the tree doesn’t dry too much that it turns into a fire hazard, so regularly check the tree stand and make sure that it has enough water at all times.

4. Keep decorations within your property

Last but not the least, when installing your decorations, make sure none of these cross-over to your neighbor’s. Keep those holiday decorations in your own home; meaning, refrain from decorating common areas (at least without the consent of the HOA).