Top 4 Safety and Security Measures for Homeowners Associations

A lot of homeowners are in the dark with regard to their HOA’s responsibility in ensuring their safety and security in the community. In general, homeowners associations aren’t entirely responsible for their members’ safety and security; however, they are indeed responsible for keeping public spaces and common areas safe.

If you’ve recently moved and it’s your first time to live in an HOA-regulated community, it would help to know at least the general safety measures that your HOA has taken to ensure that you can sleep soundly at night without worrying about your safety in your own home.

For your reference, below are some of the general safety and security measures that homeowners associations undertake:

1. Vulnerability assessment

HOA’s take the community’s safety seriously, which is why they would have regular inspections of the entire area to evaluate the community’s vulnerability to accident and danger. Usually, HOAs hire a professional security inspector to assess every corner and curb, making sure that all areas are properly checked and evaluated. Doors, locks, windows, stairs, walking paths, and such will be thoroughly checked. During inspection, you could expect a visit from the HOA personnel and the security inspector to check the safety of your home as well.

2. Maintaining a good relationship with local law enforcement

When a burglary occurs or someone vandalized a member’s home, HOAs will need to report the incident to the local police. This, and other such safety and/or security concerns, will generally require the assistance of your local police, which is why HOA’s make it a point to build a good relationship with their local law enforcement department.

3. Neighborhood security watch

HOAs rely on the support and cooperation of their members’, too; so don’t be surprised if your HOA talks to you about alerting them or a neighbor about strangers lurking around or other unusual activity that could endanger you and your neighbors.

4. Educating members about safety precautions

As mentioned above, your HOA is not entirely responsible for your safety, which means you will have to do your part in ensuring you and your household’s safety, as well as your neighbors’. From time to time, the HOA may call for a meeting to discuss current safety measures in place as well as educate you and the community about new security measures they’re looking to implement. Expect to be invited to safety seminars as well, which you have to make sure to attend.

Ultimately, keeping the community safe is a combined effort of the HOA and its homeowner-members.