Top 5 Tips for HOAs on How to Enhance Curb Appeal

Properties in a developed community, whether a multi-family building or a gated community with single-family units are usually governed by a homeowners association; that is, these properties must be managed and maintained by their respective homeowners based on the guidelines and regulations mandated by the HOA’s CC&Rs and by-laws.

But just as each homeowner is expected to maintain both the interior and exterior of their property, the HOA also has a responsibility to maintain the exteriors of the community. Doing so not only ensures that community standards are upheld but also to make the community more appealing to potential home buyers and renters.

On that note, here are a few tips for HOAs on how to enhance curb appeal:

1. Re-paint exterior walls of community buildings and structures

From the community center to the administrative office building, playground, and clubhouse, these are public structures in a community that are generally the responsibility of the homeowners association. This means that other than their interior upkeep, their exterior maintenance is likewise the responsibility of the HOA. And the first thing that potential home buyers or renters and even guests notice is the exterior appeal of these structures. Make sure to add a fresh coat of paint once you start to notice the old paint peeling off.

2. Maintain plants and gardens

One of the things that make a community truly attractive to a potential homeowner as well as visitors is landscaping; not so much as the landscape architecture itself but more of how well it is maintained. Make sure that the grass is regularly cut; plants and flowers are healthy, and trees and bushes are groomed as well. HOAs are reminded not to overlook the importance of well-kept landscaping.

3. Have all necessary safety measures in place

While these aren’t exactly related to aesthetics, safety measures are nonetheless an important consideration for potential homeowners especially if they have young children in their care. Make sure that public spaces for kids, like the park and swimming pool, are installed with the appropriate equipment and that safety measures are in place.

4. Make sure all surfaces are clean

Walls, floors, walkways, porches, and other exterior surfaces are clean. Regular power-washing is recommended to remove stubborn grime and dirt.

5. Work with the community

Get everyone involved. Ask for volunteers who will keep an eye on the community’s public structures. They can alert the HOA for repairs and maintenance that need to be done. This helps ease the burden of the HOA Board.