4 Changes to Expect in HOA Living in the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging everything we know about health and safety. And though states across the nation are beginning to ease restrictions, we shouldn’t expect an immediate return to the way things were before the outbreak.

HOAs are gearing up for the new strategies they’ll have to employ to ensure the protection of everyone in the community. With that in mind, here are 4 changes homeowners and HOA board members are likely to see in HOA living in the new normal.

1. New public space usage regulations

The safety of every resident is among the chief priorities of any HOA, so anticipate the enforcement of temporary rules that’ll reduce your exposure to crowds. Don’t be surprised to find regulations concerning social distancing and the wearing of PPEs to be in an application in common areas such as streets, parks, and clubhouses. You should also expect new systems to limit the number of people using specific facilities or amenities at any one time. For example, you may have to make a reservation before the HOA permits you access to the swimming pool or basketball court.

2. Increased board meeting flexibility

As physical gatherings are best avoided, HOA board meetings will be conducted using online technologies such as Skype or Zoom. The convenience these technologies provide will grant board members greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling and attending essential conferences. It will also make it easier for residents to participate in such online assemblies, allowing for information to flow more freely between every member of the community.

3. The reallocation of HOA resources

HOAs will undoubtedly reallocate additional funds to safety measures, with a larger percentage of the budget going to cleaning crews. As such, expect costs to rise concerning such services. However, the decreased usage of shared facilities also means a reduction in other expenses, giving HOAs and homeowners several cost-saving opportunities.

4. Extra opportunities to improve your home

The current situation is affording us more time to ourselves and our personal goals, so it will be common to see homeowners busying themselves with various home improvement projects, from trimming the lawn, to planting a garden, to making minor architectural upgrades to one’s place of residence. To make sure they aren’t breaking any rules, it will benefit homeowners to familiarize themselves with HOA guidelines and communicate their intentions to the community manager.

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