The Roles of 4 HOA Board Member Officers Explained

As a homeowner it will not be unusual for you to wonder what is expected of board members from your homeowners’ association (HOA). You might even consider volunteering for your HOA or aspire to become a board member yourself. Either way, it makes sense to be aware of each board member’s role.

There are usually four officials who make up the board of directors. These are volunteers elected by members of the community and thus don’t receive compensation. They include the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The purpose of the HOA board is essential to manage the association via their respective duties, as outlined below.


The HOA President’s primary responsibility is to manage protocols in making decisions affecting the association. The position requires qualified individuals possessing a good grasp of association bylaws, regulations, and inner workings. The President leads the conduct of association or community-wide meetings and can delegate committees to manage certain tasks. Finally, it is the President’s duty to achieve a fully functional HOA.

Vice President

The Vice President assumes the functions of the presidency in the event the President is unable, for some reason, to perform duties the position calls for. The vice-president should, therefore, be likewise familiar with the association’s bylaws and regulations. When not standing-in for the President, they may be delegated key association functions as well.


The Secretary has the responsibility of handling all association documentation, safe-keeping of records as well as prompt submission of legal documentary requirements. Other tasks involve normal secretarial duties like issuing meeting advisories, recording minutes of meetings, and dissemination of important documents to other board members.


The Treasurer is responsible for managing association funds, maintaining complete records of the fund and all transactions authorized by the association. The Treasurer also prepares the annual budget and ensures sufficient reserves for sanctioned investments or unexpected expenditures. The Treasurer has to duly inform other board members of the HOA’s financial standing and report any discrepancies thereon. The Treasurer also must observe regulatory compliance concerning HOA’s financial operations.

Members of the community are as important as elected officials and thus it’s significant that they get involved in association elections and meetings. With a board working in unison, combined with the participation of the community, you can expect to have a place that would be pleasant to live in.

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