Top 4 Pros of Living in an HOA Community

In the United States, the rise in popularity of homeowner associations means an increasing number of Americans make their homes within such communities.

As an organization formed by a property developer, the homeowner association, or HOA, is extremely useful in that it helps said developer in the managing, marketing, and selling of homes. However, HOAs provide a number of benefits to homeowners, as well, so much so that many actively seek to purchase homes that are members of such organizations.

Below, we list the top 4 pros of living in an HOA community.

1. Amenities

An HOA will provide homeowners access to a variety of amenities, such as clubhouses, basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, swimming pools, playgrounds, playrooms, gardens, parks, cafes, business centers, and more. You can also expect recycling bins, cooking classes, art workshops, pet-grooming services, and the like. Such features offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative to seeking similar facilities and niceties outside the community.

2. Good neighborhood

Every good HOA imposes regulations designed to improve safety and homeowner experience in the community. Anything that diminishes the quality of life—from littering to disruptive behavior—is prohibited and penalized. To ensure fairness and preserve the best interests of the entire community, the rules are applied to every homeowner. Homeowners are also given the chance to air their grievances and participate in the betterment of the neighborhood.

3. Resolution of issues

If any problems arise between homeowners, the HOA intervenes to resolve the dispute. For example, you can approach the HOA if your neighbor tends to play obnoxiously loud music at night. Depending on the situation, the HOA may enforce relevant rules, or help the aggrieved parties come to an amicable settlement by finding a solution that benefits all affected by the issue.

4. Property value protection

To ensure the value of the property doesn’t diminish, homeowners aren’t allowed to make aesthetic or structural modifications to their homes without the HOA’s approval. Guidelines also exist that advise homeowners on how keep their homes clean, safe, and visually appealing in a way that conforms with the community’s high standards.

In short, an HOA can vastly enhance your experience within a community. To make sure an HOA meets your specific needs, it’s a good idea to research on it before purchasing your new home.

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