Top 3 Qualifications of an HOA Board Member

Whether you’re considering becoming a member of your HOA’s board of directors or you’re simply wondering about eligibility for a seat on the board, it would help to know the qualifications of an HOA Board member. Specific qualifications may vary from one homeowners association to the next, but in general, these are some of the most common basic qualifications:

1. Educational background

Some homeowners associations require board members to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and there are others that require at an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. It all depends on the HOA’s bylaws and the state’s requirements (if applicable).

Board members and officers are also required to take continuing education courses related or relevant to HOAs. These courses are generally free. There might be online courses available as well, so HOA board members can comply with the requirement despite their busy schedule.

2. Knowledge in accounting and finance

HOAs collect fees from homeowners, create a budget, and basically ensure that the collected fees are being used according to HOA regulations. As such, it’s important that each member of the board has at least a basic knowledge of accounting and finance to ensure that the HOA’s financial obligations are well-taken care of and that the money is not being squandered.

3. Good communication skills

As a member or officer of the board, it is your responsibility to ensure that your homeowners are aware of everything that goes on within the HOA and the community and that they know they can always turn to you for issues regarding the community. To make you effective in both, you need excellent communication skills. Your communication skills will also serve the HOA well as you effectively negotiate with contractors and suppliers, vet tenants, address complaints or even mediate between neighbors in disagreement over an issue.

Apart from these three, basic knowledge of computers and office applications is also required. You need computer skills to help you with documents and written communications, bookkeeping and accounting, and virtual communication applications. You also need to know how to manage the HOA’s website.

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