5 Steps to Take to Resolve HOA Disputes

Talk to the complainant and the party in question separately; and remember to be neutral, setting aside your personal feelings or opinions. In other words, be as objective as possible. Your goal is to get to the bottom of the issue/s and not to blame one or the other.

3. Mediate

Schedule a meeting between the complainant and the other party, and make sure that only the concerned entities will be involved in the meeting. No family members, relatives or witnesses are necessary at this time. The point of mediation is to help both parties to resolve the dispute as amicably as possible, without involving others.

4. Discuss the issue with the HOA’s Board of Directors

If the mediation didn’t work, it’s best to take up the issue with the Board. In some disputes, the Board’s intervention or action is needed to prevent the issue/s from escalating or affecting the entire community. With this step, you may need to go over your HOA’s rules and regulations to see if any were violated. You can also check the stipulation on how disputes are resolved. The point of this is to act within the legal bounds of the HOA’s jurisdiction.

5. Take legal steps

If one or both parties start harassing each other, or harassing the HOA’s Board members and staff, don’t hesitate to seek the help of your HOA’s attorney. A restraining order from the court may be necessary to maintain peace within the community and prevent acts of violence.

In all these steps, a property manager or HOA management team can ensure that everything is taken cared of according to the stipulations of the HOA rules and regulations, as well as the state’s related laws.

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