HOA Ignores Court

But Maple Park is not part of Walker Lakeshores, and so the couple took the matter to court.

It was a long battle that has cost the Pearns thousands of dollars in legal fees. In 2017, the case went to the Court of Appeals. Judge Joseph Kameem ruled that the Pearns owed WLLA only $30 for the accumulated 3-year maintenance fee ($10 per year for maintenance). The WLLA appealed the decision but later withdrew, which means that Judge Kameem’s ruling stands.

HOA ignores court ruling present time

The couple, however, received another billing from the WLLA, this time, amounting to $325 for assessment and $50 for membership. This was clearly going against court ruling.

Amelia Pearn has been documenting her legal battle in a personal blog. There, she notes that irregularities have been discovered from the WLLA. Withdrawals from the HOA funds amounting to more than $200,000 were discovered. It was found that part of the withdrawals were to pay for personal expenses like cable and electricity bills—expenses completely unrelated to HOA business.

But the Pearns weren’t the only ones the WLLA billed. Several other Maple Park homeowners received a similar bill from the Walker Lakeshores HOA. Some of them pay, some don’t; and, to the surprise of Maple Park residents, others got sued!

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