Corona HOA Management: Top 3 Most Beneficial Services for the Association and Its Members

The California Association of Realtors recently reported that Corona posted the “largest annual increase in home sales” out of all the counties in California. The primary reason for this is the affordability of real estate in the county compared to other cities or counties in the coastal area of the state. A Corona HOA management should therefore be in place in order to accommodate the influx of new residents—people who moved from their city homes in California to the Inland Empire, to which Corona belongs.

Despite the distance from their workplace, a lot more people have decided to take advantage of the affordability of housing in Corona; finally fulfilling their dreams of becoming homeowners—for the first time, for most.

And for homeowners’ associations to be able to provide proper assistance to its members, they need to have a strong and solid Corona HOA management team to handle all the associations’ tasks—daily, weekly, and monthly.

Here are the top 3 most beneficial services that a professional HOA management company can provide your association:

1. Financial/Accounting, and training for Treasurers. One of the most often-neglected aspects of a homeowners’ association is the financial side of things. Record-keeping is a task that needs attention on daily basis, and on specific dates or events when funds are needed for whatever HOA-approved undertaking. Staying on top of the HOA’s finances is actually crucial to its survival—and to a certain degree, the members’ satisfaction with how the HOA handles the fees and other funds acquired through other means.

2. Site reviews (compliance, violations, and maintenance). When a new homeowner joins the community, he or she may not yet be familiar with certain rules and regulations of the HOA, and as such, site visits are required if only to ensure that all regulations regarding property maintenance, for example, are all followed. When you have a Corona HOA or property management professional dedicated specially to take care of homeowners’ compliance, you can rest easy knowing that someone reliable and trustworthy is doing the necessary site visits and inspections.

3. Homeowner participation. Being part of the HOA is so much more than simply paying association dues, following regulations, or being neighborly. The homeowner needs to be an active participant in all the events of the HOA so every member is aware and well-informed should there come a time when changes need to be made. Attending meetings, signing up for sub-committees and such are only some of the ways that homeowners are expected to participate.

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