Corona & Inland Empire Property Management for Homeowners’ and Community Associations

Homeowners’ and community associations are established to serve the best interests of its members in particular, and the neighborhood or community in general. These associations are governed by a set of rules, and depending on the size of the community, strict implementation could be a problem. In Corona, property management services by So Cal Enterprises, Inc. will ensure that your association is organized and functioning at its best for its members at all times. With an organized Homeowners’ Association (HOA) or community association, you can keep track of all the activities and undertakings of the association, as well as keep all pertinent records up-to-date.

The association’s Board of Directors and Board Members are generally real property owners in the community, and licensed real estate developers. Full control of the association is turned over to the homeowners once a certain number of properties have been sold to private owners. This alone requires full monitoring in order to keep track of the changes that need to be done. And it is precisely for this reason that you should contact So Cal Enterprises for professional Corona HOA Management. With all the HOA details that you need to take care of, plus responsibilities at home and work, managing the organization without professional assistance could become quite stressful.

Our Services

We are a full-service HOA property management company located in the Inland Empire. When you hire us for your Corona property management, we will take care of all matters related to your association and community. In general terms, our services are broken down into three categories: financial, full, and on-site management. Particulars for these include the following:

  • Board education and governance
  • Vendor selection and cost reduction services
  • Financial accounting, delinquency and collection services
  • Site reviews, compliance, violations, and maintenance
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Homeowner participation, including sub-committees
  • Reconstruction and large-project management oversight

You will be assigned your own HOA property manager so no detail will be neglected.

Customized Services

We do not apply a “one size fits all” approach to our property management services. Each community has specific needs, and we understand the importance of identifying these needs. Only by doing so are we truly able to provide exceptional service to all types communities.

We invite you to contact us today for your Corona property management requirements. Give us a call at 888-828-9444 so we can discuss in full detail what your needs are and how we can be of service to you. Together, let us build a community that has everyone’s best interests at heart.