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Why There is a Need for Efficient Bookkeeping Services in LA HOA Management

LA HOA management, or any HOA management for the matter, involves more than just the physical maintenance and security of subdivisions and condominiums. Because tenants and homeowners pay monthly or annual dues to the HOA, they expect to get the best service possible.

However, because of improper or negligent accounting practices, HOAs may at times be forced to dip into their reserves just to make their budgets. In turn, they levy special assessments to homeowners and tenants, which is something that few residents welcome. Engaging a Los Angeles HOA management firm that does bookkeeping services is the right step towards fixing an HOA’s finances.

SoCal Property Enterprises specializes in determining operational budgets based on actual historical costs, determining the right HOA dues, and setting aside funds for capital expenses such as much-needed facility renovations. We also perform accounting for employee salaries and getting sign-off from HOA board members for major improvement projects.

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Top 5 Best Practices in Southern California Property Management

When it comes to Southern California property management, there are companies who do all they can to ensure the happiness of their clients. The top HOA management firms in the area follow the best practices below:

  1. Tenant screening. Getting the proper tenants can help ensure the safety of your property, and will raise property values and reduce turnover rates.
  2. Market awareness. Good understanding of the rental market will give you leads for getting good tenants and a fair rate for your property.
  3. Employee training. Property management is a shifting industry, and constant employee training will ensure that HOAs are on top of their game.
  4. Water and waste management. Wise water use and waste management are to be expected when it comes to a region that’s experiencing an environmental crisis.
  5. Tenant/homeowner engagement. Activities keep residents engaged and happy with their communities, and this raises rental rates and helps improve tenant retention.

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Handle Pest Infestation Based on Riverside Property Management Standards

Even properties in Riverside are not immune to pest control issues. When bugs and other pests crawl into rental properties, it is sure to cause conflict as to who is responsible for pest control. To avoid conflicts, enlist the help of a professional Riverside property management team.

It will also help if you take the initiative to apply a few measures to prevent pest infestation. Here are a few recommendations:

Make sure that your property is cleaned regularly. Ants and cockroaches are attracted to unclean areas of the house. The property should never have stagnant garbage lying around for more than a day. Bed bugs are the bane of a property manager; they’re notoriously hard to kill and can be transported easily. Check if your city or state has enacted any laws about bedbug infestations in rental properties and comply with those laws in the event of an infestation.

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Securing Your Property with Orange County Property Management Services

Property owners and managers in Orange County need a vacation every now and then. Before they leave, they make sure that proper security measures are in place and fully operational. But how secure are these? We advise that you hire the services of a professional Orange County property management team to make sure that your property is safe.

There are many threats to property security, including bored teens who might trash your property. Here are some tips on how to secure your property.

If your property has outdoor lights, consider replacing them with motion sensor lights. Lights do not easily deter home intruders, but if your motion sensor lights star blinking, they might think twice before burgling the property. You should also install CCTVs within your property’s perimeter. Intruders are always wary of CCTVs and will likely keep off the property if they see the cameras. Lastly, if crime is a serious issue, consider hiring security guards for added protection.

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In Southern California, Our Property Management Services Deliver Exceptional Admin Support


Established communities present unique challenges, regardless of location and the maturity of the community. In places where there is a mix of mature and new, such as Southern California, property management requires the skill and expertise of trained staff members who understand the unique needs of the community.

Managers from So Cal Property Enterprises, Inc. are experts in the industry of property management services, as well as state-wide, national legislation, and case law. Moreover, we work hard to implement industry best practices across communities in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego.

Communities that enlist our property management services can expect not only convenience and promptness when it comes to handling their association’s day-to-day activities, but professional development through seminars and meetings as well.

To learn more about our services, as well as the areas we serve in Southern California, call a property management expert at 951-270-3700 today.