Top 3 Functions of Property Management for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate comprises properties used to generate income like hotels and shopping malls. Owners of these properties either handle all the day-to-day tasks of managing these buildings and properties or they have a professional team that specializes in property management for commercial real estate to oversee the care and maintenance of the properties. In either case, these properties require attention and constant monitoring to ensure these are being used, and functioning, as intended. 

If you own a commercial property for lease, you might be wondering what property management for commercial real estate can do for you. Here are a few ways a property management company can help: 

  1. Keep your books organized

One of the jobs of a property manager for a commercial estate is to collect monthly rental fees from tenants. If a tenant is delinquent, they also need to follow-up and work to resolve the late payment/s without getting the property owner involved (at least as much as possible). That said, your property manager will also work as your accountant, at least in the capacity of collecting dues, monitoring expenses for repairs, and such money related tasks. What this all boils down to is your property manager helps to keep your books organized, primarily for monitoring and auditing purposes. 

  1. Ensure the property always has tenants

You know you’ve hired a good property manager if you have good tenant occupancy. A property manager that excels in their job knows how to sift through tenant applicants to find the right one for you. Secondly, they know how to take care of tenants, which is why you have long-staying tenants. In a nutshell, you know you have a good property manager if your property is always occupied by excellent tenants. Vacancies are few and far between. 

  1. Schedule regular maintenance checks

A good property manager knows not to wait for things to get broken before scheduling maintenance. They know that prevention is better than cure, so to speak, which is why the schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure that everything is working as it should. And if repairs are needed, they work on having these done without delay. 

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