4 Changes to Expect in HOA Living in the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging everything we know about health and safety. And though states across the nation are beginning to ease restrictions, we shouldn’t expect an immediate return to the way things were before the outbreak.   HOAs are gearing up for the new strategies they’ll have to employ to ensure the protection of everyone in the community. With that in mind, here are 4 changes homeowners and HOA board members are likely to see in HOA living in the new normal.   1. New public space usage regulations   The safety of every resident is among the chief... Read more »

3 Important Tasks of an HOA Management Company

Homeowners associations are run by homeowner-volunteers who are part of the community they serve. Being volunteers, they do not receive remuneration for their services, which means most of them have day jobs; which also means they may not always be available to fulfill their duties, especially in emergencies. This is why most HOAs turn to a professional HOA management company to help them fulfill their duties to the community and homeowners. What does an HOA management company do? In its broadest sense, an HOA management company helps the HOA fulfill its duties to the homeowners as well as to the... Read more »

HOAs vs. Property Managers: 4 Key Responsibilities

You know about homeowner’s associations and you’ve heard of property managers, but do you know what they do, and where their duties and responsibilities start and end? To help you differentiate between the two, below are a few of their key responsibilities: On management duties: 1. Homeowners associations manage a specific residential community Residential communities, neighborhoods, and housing complexes are often governed by a homeowners association or HOA. The HOA’s general responsibility is to manage the residential community; making sure that homeowners comply with <a=rel”no follow”href=”https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2019-10-19/many-new-laws-will-affect-hoas-in-2020″>rules and regulations that pertain to property maintenance and neighborhood conduct, and basically, work with... Read more »

Disaster Management Planning: 7 Tips for Your HOA

When catastrophe strikes, emergency protocols can ensure the safety of your HOA community. Given the many variables to consider when creating disaster relief policies, however, determining the most effective ways to protect your residents can be tricky. With that in mind, here are 7 HOA disaster management planning tips: 1. Evaluate possible area-specific disasters Determine if your community is in an area susceptible to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, then develop implementable emergency protocols around them. It’s also a good idea to design measures for potential risks such as terrorism and disease outbreaks. 2. Consider your community’s demographics Design... Read more »

How to Help Aging HOA Residents: Here are seven ways…

If you’ve been a part of your HOA community for many years now, chances are you have neighbors who’ve reached their senior years already. They may have been young when they moved in but now they have become vulnerable” members of your community; and you, as a member of the same HOA community, have a responsibility to look after them. How do you help aging HOA residents? Here are seven ways… 1. Always check on them First off, it is recommended that you get everyone on board with your “senior citizen watch” project. Take turns keeping an eye on them... Read more »