Corona HOA Management: Top 3 Most Beneficial Services for the Association and Its Members

The California Association of Realtors recently reported that Corona posted the “largest annual increase in home sales” out of all the counties in California. The primary reason for this is the affordability of real estate in the county compared to other cities or counties in the coastal area of the state. A Corona HOA management should therefore be in place in order to accommodate the influx of new residents—people who moved from their city homes in California to the Inland Empire, to which Corona belongs.

Despite the distance from their workplace, a lot more people have decided to take advantage of the affordability of housing in Corona; finally fulfilling their dreams of becoming homeowners—for the first time, for most.

And for homeowners’ associations to be able to provide proper assistance to its members, they need to have a strong and solid Corona HOA management team to handle all the associations’ tasks—daily, weekly, and monthly.

Here are the top 3 most beneficial services that a professional HOA management company can provide your association:

1. Financial/Accounting, and training for Treasurers. One of the most often-neglected aspects of a homeowners’ association is the financial side of things. Record-keeping is a task that needs attention on daily basis, and on specific dates or events when funds are needed for whatever HOA-approved undertaking. Staying on top of the HOA’s finances is actually crucial to its survival—and to a certain degree, the members’ satisfaction with how the HOA handles the fees and other funds acquired through other means.

2. Site reviews (compliance, violations, and maintenance). When a new homeowner joins the community, he or she may not yet be familiar with certain rules and regulations of the HOA, and as such, site visits are required if only to ensure that all regulations regarding property maintenance, for example, are all followed. When you have a Corona HOA or property management professional dedicated specially to take care of homeowners’ compliance, you can rest easy knowing that someone reliable and trustworthy is doing the necessary site visits and inspections.

3. Homeowner participation. Being part of the HOA is so much more than simply paying association dues, following regulations, or being neighborly. The homeowner needs to be an active participant in all the events of the HOA so every member is aware and well-informed should there come a time when changes need to be made. Attending meetings, signing up for sub-committees and such are only some of the ways that homeowners are expected to participate.

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Southern California Property Management for Owner’s Rentals

The USC Casden Multifamily Forecast predicts that apartment rental fees in Southern California will experience an increase by at least $100 within the next two years, and by 2018, counties like LA will see an average rent of $1,416. If you have property in the So Cal area, now is the best time to hire a Southern California property management team. Why? Because the time is ripe for turning your idle property into an income-generating asset, earning you passive income to augment your household income, or to put away for a rainy day.

With a lot more people relocating to Southern California, particularly millennials because of job opportunities, the demand for housing rentals in SoCal has been experiencing a steady increase. This is because most of the residents here cannot afford to purchase their own home, and turn to apartment or housing rentals as the more affordable alternative. While it’s true that rental fees in this side of California are among the highest in the country, rentals are still considered as a better alternative to high mortgage payments. At the very least, renters have no fear of foreclosures, which in itself, is a welcome reprieve.

Why hire the services of a Southern California property management company?

If you live miles away from where you property is located, you will need the professional assistance of a licensed property manager to ensure that, first and foremost, your property is cared for. Secondly, a property manager will handle all of the rental details for you and liaise with the renters on your behalf. Briefly, here is what a property manager can do for you:

  • Find the right tenant for your property (show the property to interested renters, and screen the potential tenants)
  • Do the paperwork (from rent or lease agreement to permits, if necessary, and all other required documents)
  • Ensure that the tenants are occupying the property according to the terms covered in the lease agreement
  • Oversee repairs and maintenance checks
  • Liaise on your behalf for complaints or requests

As you can see, a property manager will remove the burden of overseeing everything about your rental off of you. You can simply relax in your own corner, go about your daily routine, and sleep peacefully at night knowing that your property is in good hands.

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Why It’s Important to do Tasks One Season Ahead

As anyone who’s worked in property management and grounds maintenance would tell you, winter is their least favorite time of the year. Among Orange County property management professionals, winter means high winds, heavy rains, and erratic cold snaps, sometimes reaching just above freezing. Because of this, the best HOA and property management companies prepare months in advance for winter.

Winter preparations start as early as late summer or early fall. The first step is often the unclogging of drains, gutters, and downspouts, which tend to attract unwelcome debris and even animal inhabitants in spring and summer due to their cool and dark interiors. Clogged drains often freeze over during winter, leading to bursting pipes and hefty repair and replacement expenses once spring comes. That being said, maintenance crews wrap exposed outdoor pipes in insulating materials. Roof and siding repair is also done in the fall to prevent slips and falls caused by winter rain and snow.

Ornamental plants and trees also benefit from early winter preparations. Large trees can be braced in the middle of fall to prevent sudden winter winds from lashing out at them, and potentially uprooting them as well. This activity can also help prevent frost from weighing down tree branches, posing a risk to pedestrians, property, and the trees themselves. This is especially important for areas like Orange County and San Bernardino County, which experience heavy snow and frost every few years.

Aside from trees and plants, lawns have to be prepared as well. The best times to plant grass seed in California are early fall and late spring or summer, and the timelines for lawn maintenance have to be planned around the optimal planting season to ensure the survival of the grass seedlings. The right grass seed, such as fescue or Bermuda, have to be purchased in advance as well.

Preparations like these have to be taken seriously. The best Orange County property management practitioners treat these preparations as large-scale projects, complete with well-defined timelines, yearly budgets, and dedicated vendors. Procurement and storage of important supplies and equipment, such as road salt, snow shovels, and snow blowers, should be done professionally to ensure that the homeowners get their contributions’ worth.

When it comes to Orange County HOA management, SoCal Property Enterprises is the top choice of homeowners’ associations and condominium associations. With decades of experience in dealing with all sorts of weather, you and your residents and homeowners can rest easy, knowing that your property will be kept safe during the winter. To learn more about the services we offer to homeowners’ associations and property developers, contact us at (888) 828-9444 or send us a message.

Top Three Ways to Keep Algae away from Swimming Pools in Winter

Swimming pools are popular among condominium and gated community owners. While they see a lot of use during spring and summer, most San Bernardino property management contractors say that they are rarely visited between December and February, even with heated water and other features such as communal saunas and steam baths. Because of this, pool maintenance falls to a yearly low as well.

Because many property owners and HOA management providers neglect their swimming pools during winter, algae growth starts to set in after a few weeks. It is true that algae grows slower in cold weather; however, slow growth is still growth, and by the time spring rolls in, many residents avoid visiting the condominium pool because of its unseemly smell and unappealing appearance. Here, we will give you a sneak peek into the techniques the best property managers use to prevent winter algae from growing in swimming pools.

1. Cover The Pool. The ideal cover should cover an area larger than the pool itself, thus keeping dirt away from the sides of the pool. An opaque cover, preferably made from vinyl, will keep your swimming pool free of debris and dirt. The opacity will also help keep sunlight away from the water, thus depriving algae of the warmth and light that it needs to grow and thrive. Also, the absence of debris will ensure that the chlorine level will stay constant through the winter.

2. Chlorinate The Pool. The ideal pH level for swimming pools is between 7.2 to 7.6. This is achieved by regularly chlorinating the water. At the same time, to nip the growth of algae in the bud, “shocking” the water (that is, introducing high concentrations of chlorine treatment) should be done every three weeks. After shocking the water, run the filter for two to four hours to make sure that the treatment is dissolved evenly.

3. Check The Pool Daily. Daily checks of the pool could reveal algae slowly starting to form on the walls, the floor, or on the water itself. It’s easier to detect algae in winter as it grows much slowly than it would in summer. If you do see specks of green floating in the water, introduce a chlorine shock treatment, run the filter, and add an algaecide the next day. The filter should also run for an hour twice daily to prevent stagnation.

The best San Bernardino HOA management companies follow the techniques above to make sure that their clients are able to enjoy their pool facilities as soon as spring comes along. To know more about how SoCal Property Enterprises satisfies its clients, visit our website or give us a call at (888) 828-9444.

Spring Cleaning on HOA-managed Properties

As soon as winter ends, Southern California property management companies start getting busy with spring cleaning. Winter, with the rain and snow it brings, leaves behind a ton of damage, especially for older, poorly-maintained communities. It also brings a ton of debris, such as fallen branches and rocks strewn about the property.

One of the first things property managers do is to conduct an inspection of the premises, coordinating with housekeepers and grounds maintenance personnel in removing loose debris. In the case of Southern California, winter tends to be a wet and windy season, with snow and frost in some locations. This results in broken tree branches, particularly for trees weighed down by frost and hail. Sleet and hail could also cause broken windows, floor tiles, and pavement. Rain could seep inside existing cracks in stone and cement, which then expand as the water freezes in sub-zero night temperatures. While this phenomenon affects some areas more than others, an inspection of all exposed concrete surfaces is in order.

Cold weather could have other unwelcome side effects. For example, water could accumulate inside drainpipes and downspouts, resulting in clogs, leaks, and cracks. Combine this with loose debris, and property managers suddenly have a maintenance headache in their hands. Properties with swimming pools are also at risk, as little-used and cleaned swimming pools can develop an algae colony over the lean winter months. It is advisable to make declogging the drains and removing algae from pools a priority, as the transition from winter to spring in Southern California can be very brief and residents might want to use the pool once the cold snaps end.

Spring is also the time for power-washing all exposed surfaces, such as tennis courts, pool decks, and sidewalks. Rain and snow runoff can contain debris from a number of sources, and this sort of accumulated dirt cannot be washed off using ordinary garden hoses alone. This, pressurized water hoses come in handy during spring cleaning.

Finally, once everything has been cleaned, it’s time to restore the plants to their former condition. Lawns have to be reseeded, perennial plants in flowerbeds need a new topsoil cover, and sprinklers have to be up and running. Thus, spring cleaning will not be complete without checking both the soil and the plumbing.

It is the job of Southern California property management companies to ensure that everything is in tiptop shape in time for spring. To find out more about the services offered by the top Southern California property management company, visit our website.

Keeping Pests out of HOA-managed Properties

When it comes to dealing with winter pests, LA HOA management companies have it a bit easier, as they don’t have to contend with stray wildlife such as opossums and raccoons. However, this doesn’t mean they can relax, as there are other common winter pests that can ruin the experience of homeowners and tenants alike.

Winter is the dormant season for insects such as mosquitoes and ants, so these two pests should not be a problem. However, holiday celebrations usually result in a supply of leftover food. Scavenging pests, such as mice, rats, and cockroaches, immediately try to get into residential properties in search of something to eat. Dealing with these pests shouldn’t start and stop at exterminating them – something has to be done even before residents start reporting noises made by mice on their ceilings.

Mice and rats are two of the most common rodents in Southern California. They tend to sneak inside confined spaces, such as basements, attics, and eaves, and are known to chew through plastic and rubber, and even lead pipes, just to get to their food sources. Many holiday-related fires are caused by damaged electric wiring, and mice and rats are two of the biggest culprits. In addition, they also carry serious diseases such as leptospirosis. To keep rodents away, HOA management and their vendors should seal all wall openings with silicone caulking and steel wool. They should also drain all stagnant water inside crawl spaces, as rats are attracted to moist environments.

Another problem commonly faced by Los Angeles HOA management during winter is the presence of cockroaches. While they are active throughout the year, they seem to thrive even more in cool weather, and prefer areas with a lot of moisture and food, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Cockroaches carry a host of diseases and contaminate food. They are also carriers of allergens, triggering asthma symptoms in small children. The key to keeping cockroaches away from HOA-managed properties is the regular disposal of garbage. Another step property managers can do is to minimize moisture inside confined spaces, such as cupboards, closets, and kitchen cabinets.

An experienced LA HOA management company should be able to detect these problems before they manifest themselves. It should also maintain good relations with pest control services and run regular inspection and cleaning of all areas where pests can breed. To find out more about the best practices in Los Angeles HOA management, contact us at (888) 828-9444.

In LA, HOA Management Software Can Help Automate Critical Tasks

For many homeowners’ associations in LA, HOA management can be a stressful job. There are so many factors and issues to look into that you need automated help to get things done faster and more efficiently. This is where HOA management software comes into play. Simply put, HOA management software are tools that you can use to manage your properties easier. Here are some software worth looking into:

AssociationVoice is a cloud-based HOA management software designed to assist HOA communities and building managers with communications, accounting, and daily management functions. C3 is an HOA management software solution that is available for both desktop and mobile access. C3 operates in a cloud environment and makes use of modules so you can build a customized solution for your property management needs.

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Community Association Management in Riverside, CA

SoCal Property Enterprises is committed to providing reliable community association management in Riverside, California. It’s important to trust a reputable company with managing your properties, or else run the risk of spending more money on inadequate services. The team is trained in customer service, construction and maintenance best practices, financial accounting, collection services, and vendor selection and management. You’re assured that professionals are handling your property.

Other services we offer include professional training for board members and officers. This means orientations for newly elected board members and seminars for association treasurers. Programs on financial accounting services for accounts payable accounts receivable and others are also available. Our community association management service also includes following up on delinquent accounts for association dues and automatic clearing house service for the convenience of association members.

For inquiries on our community association management in Riverside, CA, contact us or call (888) 828-9444.

Why There is a Need for Efficient Bookkeeping Services in LA HOA Management

LA HOA management, or any HOA management for the matter, involves more than just the physical maintenance and security of subdivisions and condominiums. Because tenants and homeowners pay monthly or annual dues to the HOA, they expect to get the best service possible.

However, because of improper or negligent accounting practices, HOAs may at times be forced to dip into their reserves just to make their budgets. In turn, they levy special assessments to homeowners and tenants, which is something that few residents welcome. Engaging a Los Angeles HOA management firm that does bookkeeping services is the right step towards fixing an HOA’s finances.

SoCal Property Enterprises specializes in determining operational budgets based on actual historical costs, determining the right HOA dues, and setting aside funds for capital expenses such as much-needed facility renovations. We also perform accounting for employee salaries and getting sign-off from HOA board members for major improvement projects.

We’d like you to know more about our bookkeeping services and other services that we can offer LA HOA management. Call us at (888) 828-9444.